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Autumn is Here – Back to Handmaking Jewellery

September has arrived, and we're already halfway through and are back at handmaking jewellery again! We've had a wonderful long summer holiday. The last couple of months have been filled with friend and family reunions, lazy days at the lake and lots of work on the house. We've had a great trip back to the UK, lots of inspirational meetings and a chance to recharge the famous batteries.

The r...

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Our Charming Charms

We love charms. And we especially love Tibetan silver style alloy charms! They’re just so pretty, so versatile and so affordable. That’s why we choose to use them in many of our design.

We pick charms that we think are cute, fun, quirky or trendy. Once we find a design we like, we tend to stick to it. The main reason is so that everything ties in together. You can find earrings, bracelets, an...

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New Charm Bracelet Collection

Today we have added one of our popular charm bracelet collections, pretty acrylic bead bracelets with sparkly crystal rondelles and a silver tone charm. Currently available in 26 different charm designs, these bracelets come in 4 selected colours - black, shimmery pearly white, a pastel mix and a bright colour mix. We offer all sizes from 3-4 years to 4XL.

The little froggy in the photo is...

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30 Years Ago

The first photo was taken exactly 30 years ago today, 22nd of February 1989 (showing my age here 🙄). It was my very first month as a young business owner, running a sweet shop/newsagents in Karlstad, Sweden.

A lot has changed, but I love having my own business as much now as I did then. The photo sits above my computer to remind me of how far I’ve come since then. I’m not Jeff Bezos, but I’m o...

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For all the Beautiful Curvy Girls out there!

Our baby is here. The brand new Curvy Girl Collection by Vilda, celebrating beautiful women and girls in every size!

For all of us plus size girls and women, who might not always fit into the very limited standard sizes offered by most current fashion jewellery brands.

For all of us who want to feel pretty and confident and wear fashion jewellery that really fits, without having to pay...

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And… we’re back!

We've settled into our new environment and started working again. The move went really well and both hoomans and animals have adapted to our new home country. Hope you haven't missed us too much! Still working on the website, but we are now open for business again as

We'll present our lovely new fashion jewellery range in a few weeks. See you soon!

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Changes are Coming…

Yes, that's right. We're relocating our family, our home - and our business. In a week's time the office will be packed up, and then we're heading for beautiful Sweden!

This might seem like an unusual decision, but since Vilda's owner Helena is Swedish by birth, it makes quite a lot of sense. We are looking forward to exploring the stunning nature, enjoying the peace and freedom and gettin...