Dachshund Charm Hemp Wish Bracelet - Colour Choice

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Perfect little gift idea for someone you care about! Ideal as party favours, birthday gifts or just to say thank you for the sausage dog lover in your life.

A slim hemp string bracelet with a small Tibetan style silver tone charm. Comes presented on a printed card (business card sized).

Choose between 8 fresh hemp colours. One Size fits wrist or ankle up to 12 inches. Extra long - 15 inches to fit large ankles - also available.

Tie the string to your wrist or ankle while making a special wish. When bracelet wears thin and falls off, your wish may come true.

Dachshunds, those cute "sausage dogs" or "wiener dogs", are a quirky breed with their long bodies and stubby legs. Originally from Germany, they were bred to hunt critters like badgers. Nowadays, they're just awesome pets with tons of personality. You can find them in all sorts of coats and colors, from sleek to shaggy, in shades like red, black, cream, and dapple. They're curious little guys but can be a bit headstrong, so you'll need to teach them the ropes and get them socialized. Even though they're small, Dachshunds have big hearts and tons of energy, making them a hit with families and anyone looking for a fun-loving furry friend.

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