Dragonfly Charm Earrings

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These super cute charm bead earrings feature little dragonfly charms in white and pink, on gold tone hooks. Gorgeous and fun summer/beachy look that gets people talking!

They are around 38mm/1.5 inches long including hooks, and the charms measure ca 22mm across.

The gold coloured hooks comply with strict EU regulations for low nickel and lead content in jewellery.

Come presented in a small organza bag, ready to give away if you so wish.

Dragonflies are like the fairy godmothers of the insect world, fluttering around with their shimmering wings and fancy moves. They're all about rolling with the punches and embracing change, kind of like nature's life coaches. So, next time you spot one zipping by, give a little wave and soak in the magic of their whimsical dance!