Evil Eye Charm Bead Hemp Wish Bracelet - Colour Choice

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Perfect little gift idea for someone you care about! Ideal as party favours, birthday gifts or just to say thank you.

A slim hemp string bracelet with an 8mm light blue evil eye resin bead. Comes presented on a printed card (business card sized).

Choose between 8 fresh hemp colours! One Size fits wrist or ankle up to 12 inches. Extra long - 15 inches to fit large ankles - also available.

Tie the string to your wrist or ankle while making a special wish. When bracelet wears thin and falls off, your wish may come true...

The evil eye symbol has a long and fascinating history that spans cultures and centuries. This little "eye" with a blue iris and protective intent has been warding off bad vibes for ages. Its origins can be traced back to ancient Mesopotamia, where people believed it could shield them from malevolent glares and negative energy. As time went on, the symbol traveled through the Mediterranean and Middle Eastern regions, popping up in various forms, from jewelry to home decor. Today, it's a popular talisman found all over the world, embraced by superstitious and fashion-forward folks alike. So, whether you're looking to keep the naysayers at bay or just want to rock some trendy jewelry, the evil eye symbol has you covered.