GEN X Acrylic Letter Bead Bracelet

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An acrylic GEN X bracelet for you or your best friend, a birthday present for your bestie or husband, or just get one for yourself to make you smile!

Generation X is marked by its self-reliance, fierce independence, adaptability to technology, pragmatic outlook, and emphasis on work-life balance. We are culturally aware, value education, and maintain a cautious approach to finances, all while prioritising family and personal fulfilment. Gen X experienced life without the internet, being latchkey kids and drinking from a garden hose. We can do anything - and everything.

This custom made Gen X bracelet has 6mm acrylic beads and flat white acrylic letter beads, which are 7mm diameter. It is thread on strong elastic and will stretch a little bit so you can roll it onto your wrist gently. Allergy friendly, lightweight and super comfortable to wear!

Comes in more than 20 gorgeous colour options and 12 sizes up to 4XL, so you will always find one that fits!