NAMASTE Glass Seed Bead Bracelet

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Wear your inspiration on your wrist - a pretty glass seed bead bracelet with the wording NAMASTE to help you get through the day. 

The custom made bracelet has 4mm glass seed beads, silver tone metal spacer beads and flat white acrylic letter beads, which are 7mm diameter. It is thread on strong elastic and will stretch a little bit so you can roll it onto your wrist gently. Allergy friendly, lightweight and super comfortable to wear!

Comes in 9 gorgeous colour mix options and 12 sizes up to 4XL, so you will always find one that fits! 

Namaste is not only a greeting but also a gesture of humility and recognition of the connection between all beings. It is used in various contexts, including in yoga and meditation practices, where it is often exchanged between teachers and students as a sign of mutual respect.

Namaste has gained popularity beyond its cultural and religious origins and has been adopted in various parts of the world as a symbol of respect, unity, and spirituality.