Paw Print Silver Plated Charm Earrings

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We think that these dangly earrings with silver tone paw print charms are just the cutest!

The paw print earrings are ca 30mm (1.18 inches) long including hooks. The charms are ca 11mm wide.

The silver coloured hooks are nickel free, and therefore comply with strict regulations for low nickel and lead content in jewellery.

You can wear these paw print charm earrings with pride, whether you are a cat lover or a dog lover. In fact, any pet lover would appreciate these earrings as a gift. The earrings are also suitable as a remembrance item, as they match our Rainbow Bridge Bracelet. They work perfectly as a thoughtful stocking filler, a birthday gift or maybe just to say thank you.


Vilda Jewellery is all about pets - we love them! In the office, we usually have three cats and a dog lurking around. Since we adore them all, work is often... paused... because of cuddle needs! We like to feature our customers, so therefore we would love to get a photo of YOUR favourite pet. Or why not a photo of you wearing these pretty little paw print charm earrings?

If you're living in South West UK, and have recently lost a pet, we can recommend a lovely lady to help you deal with it. Paw Hearts Pet Bereavement offers excellent grief counselling to help you come to terms with what's happened.