PRONOUNS Personalised Acrylic Bead Bracelet

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Choose your own pronoun bracelet, make a statement and show people who you really are! Decide on the size and colour, then just enter your preferred pronouns and we'll make the bracelet to fit you.

LGBT pronouns, also known as gender pronouns, are a set of pronouns that individuals use to refer to themselves or others in relation to their gender identity. The choice of pronouns is a personal and individual matter. Respecting and using the pronouns that someone prefers is a way to affirm their gender identity and create a more inclusive and supportive environment.

This custom made bracelet has 6mm acrylic beads and flat white acrylic letter beads, which are 7mm diameter. It is thread on strong elastic and will stretch a little bit so you can roll it onto your wrist gently. Allergy friendly, lightweight and super comfortable to wear!

Comes in more than 20 gorgeous colour options and 12 sizes up to 4XL, so you will always find one that fits!