Rainbow Bridge Bracelet Heart and Paw Charm

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Celebrate and remember the life of your furry best friend with this Rainbow Bridge bracelet.

An acrylic bead bracelet with 6mm round beads in a bright rainbow pattern, sparkly metal spacer beads and a heart and a paw print charm. The bracelet is thread on strong elastic.

This bracelet comes in 12 sizes between 5.5 inches and 10 inches.

A friend or relative would appreciate this rainbow bridge bracelet. It works perfectly as a thoughtful stocking filler, a birthday gift or maybe just to say thank you. You can also match it up with our Paw Print charm earrings.

Vilda Jewellery is all about pets - we love them! That's why we usually have three cats and a dog lurking around. Since we adore them all, work is often... well, paused... because of cuddle needs! We like to feature our customers' own photos on the site, so therefore we would love to get a photo of YOUR favourite pet. Or why not a photo of you wearing this beautiful rainbow bridge bracelet?


If you're living in South West UK, and have recently lost a pet, we can recommend a lovely lady to help you deal with it. Paw Hearts Pet Bereavement offers excellent grief counselling to help you come to terms with your loss.

Paw Hearts say:

Loss can take many forms. At times your grief may come as a result of decisions you have had to make yourself either to ease an animals passing or to allow your animal a life elsewhere. Sometimes the loss may be entirely out of your control, such as a sudden death or a forced seperation.

Our animals are so important to us and such an integral part of our lives, we create a very deep bond with them so it is only natural to feel devastated with feelings of grief and sadness at the time of their loss.