Classic Chandler Bing

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Autumn – that awesome time when everything's all cosy and inviting. It's like a warm, fuzzy hug from nature... The leaves are turning into a stunning display of reds, oranges and golds, and the air gets all crisp and cool.

The season that's practically begging you to chill out and get comfy. You get to dust off your favourite jumpers, wrap up in scarves, and cosy up with your go-to hot drinks, like apple cider or pumpkin spice lattes. And, of course, there's the classic move of snuggling under a soft blanket with a good book or huddling by a roaring fire with your friends.

Speaking of friends... like millions of others around the world, I felt like I actually lost one a few days ago. We will all miss Matthew Perry, and after all these years he was like one of my personal mates. Isn't it weird? I've spoken to others and they all say the same, it's like we lost one of our own. So let's remember this great guy, and watch some classic re-runs of Friends. Could there BE a better way than that? (If you know, you know)

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