I Think it's Doughnut Time!

Posted by Helena Hyde on


You have to admit it... the moment someone mentions doughnuts, you want one. A really gooey juicy doughnut with lots of filling and lots of sprinkles! Well, we can't provide you with the real thing as they would be rather manky by the time they got to you in the mail. But we CAN offer you these brand new little doughnut earrings. They don't taste as sweet, but they look adorable!


 We totally understand that you are drooling at the thought now. So, here are a couple of recipes for yummy scrumptious doughnuts. Or if you're American, donuts. The first one is Salted Caramel Ring Doughnuts by Baking Mad.

If you prefer plain chocolate, this one might tick all the boxes: Chocolate Filled Doughnuts by Bakers Table. You could also try baking these Chocolate Ring Doughnuts by Tasty!

But if these don't tempt you, you could always head straight to our listing and buy the doughnut earrings instead! They're rather yummy too.



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