Autumn is here - back to handmaking jewellery

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September has arrived, and we’re already halfway through and are back at handmaking jewellery again! We’ve had a wonderful long summer holiday. The last couple of months have been filled with friend and family reunions, lazy days at the lake and lots of work on the house. We’ve had a great trip back to the UK, lots of inspirational meetings and a chance to recharge the famous batteries.

The roots of our business are firmly planted in the Devon soil. We get the inspiration and the drive from the beautiful Devonian landscape. You need to be balanced and happy in order to live your life the very best way. The cliffs and the amazing rough coastline have a distinct pull. As a result, we always long to get back there. It is definitely our spiritual home.

Due to our long holiday, the stock in the Amazon warehouses had been desperately depleted over summer. We’ve spent most of August and half of September making and stocking up. Lots of new designs are on the way too, the ideas keep coming and it’s hard to keep up 🙂

I personally make several hundred items every week. I never get bored with making jewellery by hand. However, when you’re working for a long time you do get achy fingers and a sore back! The passion and the drive is always there, and the best thing ever is when a new design is released and starts selling. It really is awesome being able to provide for your family just by doing something you love!

Browse our earring collection here 🙂

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