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We love charms. And we especially love Tibetan silver style alloy charms! They’re just so pretty, so versatile and so affordable. That’s why we choose to use them in many of our design.

We pick charms that we think are cute, fun, quirky or trendy. Once we find a design we like, we tend to stick to it. The main reason is so that everything ties in together. You can find earrings, bracelets, anklets and wish bracelets with the same charm. Which means that you can mix and match and choose your favourite items. Buying fashion jewellery should be fun and easy!

Actually, if it’s cat charms we’re talking about, we have a few. Because well… they’re cats. And cats are adorable, right? So we might buy a few extra cat charms every now and again. Call me a Crazy Cat Lady, I don’t mind. We have three of them at home – Carlos Fandango, Lemur and Bob. Bob was named after the Street Cat Bob (our daughter watched the movie and that’s why we have a ginger tom. It happens 🙂 )

You can get a whole matching set, or just an individual item. And you can rest assured that you can come back months later, and still be able to get a matching charm bracelet for your charm anklet. Or a wish bracelet with the same charm for your best friend who admired it on you.

Our standard collections are of course stocked all year round, so that you never have to go without. Although some smaller unique collections might be limited edition.




We ensure that the charms are good quality items, nickel free and lead free and complying with strict EU regulations for nickel content in jewellery. Most Tibetan alloy charms in the world are manufactured in China, and we mainly buy from Chinese, British and American suppliers.

You can read more about Tibetan silver here on Wikipedia.

Which one of our charms is your favourite?

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